We solve complex community problems with science, urgency, and stubborn optimism.

Good Works Lab is a one-stop shop, full-service social change agency for organizations, citizen-led initiatives, and philanthropic movements that are focused on making waves in community health and wellness, mobility, and environmental sustainability.

Through an innovative and customized team approach, we help our clients put their ideas into motion with access to strategic and creative experts who give them the guidance to take their passion and voice and turn it into action and impact.

Together, we’re fueled by the belief that our world can be happier, healthier, and more just.

Always testing. Always possible. Always better.




Are We Working Hard Enough?

“Clues that you might not be trying hard enough: You usually succeed. You rarely feel like an imposter. You already know what you need to know. You’re confident it’s going to work.” ~ Seth Godin. I love Seth. I read his blog every morning.  September is Suicide Prevention month and as our kids go back to…

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Meet the Good Works Team: Organizational Strategy, Lexi Webster

“Honestly, I’ve been (what I thought) was “rebelling” for as long as I can remember… always going against the grain and not confining to the limitations of narrow-mindedness. I’ve always loved pushing the limits because I quickly learned there is a lot of happiness outside those limits if you push in a positive direction, aligned…

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We Fight Spotlight: Stay Well from the State of Michigan

At We Fight, we’re always aiming to put the Spotlight on resources that our members have found useful. With peer groups, workshops for identifying the signs of mental health struggle in teens, and more, Stay Well from the State of Michigan has certainly helped many We Fight members. Erin Wallace, Stay Well’s Project Manager, talked…

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Good Works Lab is a team of proven change agents who help solve complex community problems with science, urgency, and stubborn optimism.

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