TCAPS Health & Wellbeing: Systems Change

We Fight: Protecting Northern Michigan’s Youth Mental Health

We Fight is a citizen-led network of people, guided by the Surgeon General’s recent advisory on youth mental health, committed to protecting the mental health of young people in Northern Michigan. By learning and growing together to support our youth, we aim to fill the gaps in how we address mental health. We host a quarterly summit series — Elevate Northern Michigan — at NMC’s Innovation Center to learn from experts, get comfortable talking about mental health together, and develop a practical toolkit of mental health resources for use in daily life.

Live TC: Abundant Housing for Traverse City

Live TC is a network of individuals who believe in abundant housing on Traverse City’s eight square miles. We’re Michigan’s first chapter of YIMBY Action, a nationwide network of individuals who advocate for inclusionary housing practices. We’re here to build partnerships between people who care about housing attainability, better inform the conversation about housing and zoning in Traverse City, and advocate to ensure that everyone who wants to live in Traverse City can afford to live here.

Framing Social Science Community of Practice

Everyone A Changemaker Northern Michigan is a community of monthly workshops to develop communication strategies around the issues you’re passionate about, with the goal of boosting knowledge, shifting attitudes, and creating social change in Northern Michigan. Our workshops are a continuation of the work we did in two prior workshops facilitated by the FrameWorks Institute, an organization that develops research and framing strategies for a variety of relevant social justice topics — attendance at these is not required to join our community of practice!

Citizens for a Neighbor-First Traverse City

Citizens for a Neighbor-First Traverse City, formed out of a group previously advocating for a more multimodal transportation-friendly Parkway, is a citizen-led network working to shift power to citizens with one priority — improving the lives of their neighbors. Informed by survey results about what is most important to our neighbors in TC, we work to build and deploy power for policy, procedure, and practice change.

Always Possible: Stories of Possibility from Northern Michigan

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