Adventures in Framing: Issue-Specific Framing Toolkits for Changemakers in Northern Michigan

Boost Knowledge. Shift Attitudes. Build Support For Social Change.

We’re excited to launch Adventures in Framing: A Northern Michigan Community of Practice.

What’s framing?

In short, it’s the social science of communication choices made. About elements put in and elements left out. These choices have a significant effect on how our messages are received.

These strategic framing choices can boost public knowledge, shift attitudes, and build support for social change.

Issue-Specific Framing Toolkits for Changemakers in Northern Michigan

Child and youth development:







Gun Violence

Substance Use

More Frameworks issue-specific toolkits.

2022 Community of Practice Schedule
Join Northern Michigan’s Adventures in Framing Community of Practice

The Framing Community of Practice is open to all organizations and citizen-led initiatives in northern Michigan no matter the social issue.

There is no cost to participate, thanks to Rotary Charities of Traverse City and the United Way of Northwest Michigan.