Live TC: A Very Unofficial Traverse City Housing Dashboard [2022]


Final Update: 12/26/22

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2022 Planning Commission Goals

2022 City Commission Goals

Live TC is a pro-housing citizen-led movement with one agenda and one agenda only: to advocate for abundant homes on Traverse City’s eight square miles.

We’re here because we care about Traverse City’s future.

We’re here to advocate, educate, and build political will for more housing with our partners.

We’re here to fight for an inclusive, sustainable, and economically thriving Traverse City for all.


Build public support/political will to help those who work in Traverse City (teachers, nurses, firefighters, etc) also be able to live in Traverse City by lobbying for:

  1. Build HomeStretch’s Lot O project (Cass/State)
  2. Approve the Planning Commission’s 2022 zoning reform goals to support housing
  3. Deliver on the City Commission’s #1 strategic priority (housing) — specifically, building homes on City-owned land like at the Department of Public Services (Woodmere), cemetery-owned snow plowing lot off Airport Access, surface lots downtown (Lot T, G), and land bank parcels (Boardman Lake avenue)
  4. Connect people in need of a home in Traverse City with people who may know of available homes in Traverse City.


  • Advocate for more housing in Traverse City especially more workforce and affordable housing on City-owned land
  • Advocate and educate on the value of low carbon footprint housing
  • Build and strengthen relationships with elected and appointed officials on the TC City Commission, DDA Board, and TC Planning Commission
  • Advocate for progressive zoning reform
  • Educate residents, as well as elected and appointed officials, on evidence-based pro-housing policies and practices — fighting myths about what more housing looks like
  • Build and strengthen relationships with organizations, including local businesses that support more housing in TC.
  • Support the election of pro-housing City Commissioners and appointment of pro-housing DDA board members/TC planning commissioners
  • Support the extension of TIF 97 and the use of TIF funds to build housing
  • Support the building of the west-end parking deck to build housing on downtown surface lots