Teen Leaders Outside in the Woods

In collaboration with the City of Traverse City’s Human Rights Commission, We Fight is hosting a series of summertime hikes for Traverse City’s young leaders.

Every Sunday in August from 7-8pm.

  • August 7th at Hickory Hills
  • August 14th at Brown Bridge Quiet Area
  • August 21st at the Commons
  • August 28th at Hickory Hills

Expect snacks, fun, and a one-hour walk in the woods with friends.

Hikes and snacks are free but registration is required.

We Fight for Northern Michigan’s Youth Mental Health, or “We Fight,” was founded in December 2021 as an initiative of Traverse City-based social change agency Good Works Lab. Since its founding, over 570+ people who care have committed to protecting youth mental health in Northern Michigan by leveraging the Surgeon General’s Youth Mental Health advisory.

One goal of We Fight is to elevate and lift youth voice. Teen Leaders Outside in the Woods aims to address this area of focus.

Get involved with We Fight.

The Traverse City Human Rights Commission strives to ensure human dignity through advocacy, education, negotiation and information ensuring understanding and respect among all.

The Human Rights Commission recently passed a resolution making May Traverse City Youth Mental Health Awareness Month. Learn more about the Commission.