Meet the Good Works Lab Team: Copywriter, Shannon Beery

Shannon loves words. How she can choose the right words and string them together to make an organization’s story come alive. And how she can use that story to zero in on the audience it’s trying to reach. 

After 6 years of working and learning about all things marketing, advertising, and writing at Brand Tonic, the pandemic had her pivoting to her at-home desk, where Shannon Quinn Copywriting came to life. There, she writes compelling website copy — the words that really connect with an ideal audience and get them to want to keep clicking — for passion-driven businesses and organizations who want to stand out in a sea of ‘meh.’ 

Shannon was born and raised in Calgary, Canada, where she stayed to attend the University of Calgary, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance. She moved to Traverse City in 2006 and promptly fell in love with northern Michigan. Though its fresh water and Midwest charm have claimed her heart, she’s still fiercely proud of her Canadian heritage and will gladly chat about anything Canada-related.

Her past jobs include professional dancer, natural gas trader, wedding planner, project manager/writer at branding & design agency. Yup, they’re varied. And, yup, that makes her a better, more empathetic writer.

Shannon and her husband, Zach, are proud to be raising two awesome kids in TC.

Shannon Quinn Copywriting


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