Meet the Good Works Lab Team: Branding Specialist & Designer, Chelsea Bay Dennis

“My mission in life is to use what I’m good at and passionate about for good, and to inspire others to do what makes them come alive and make a difference in the world.”

Chelsea manifests this as a graphic designer, video producer, story coach, creative consultant, speaker, and event creator.  She has been branding/designing for environmentally and socially responsible entrepreneurs for close to 20 years.

She also coaches/consults with those looking to create meaningful work that is aligned with their values, strengths, and what makes them come alive – from the inside out. Helping people launch a small business or solopreneur gig is her happy place! She has a superpower to evaluate where a business or person is now and see where they need to go to improve, be more successful, or more fulfilled.

Through all of her work, Chelsea empowers others to make ideas happen, be successful and make a difference. Having lived and traveled around the world, Chelsea chose to make Traverse City her home, the very place she started.

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