We Fight Spotlight: Pine Rest

This week’s nomination for the We Fight Spotlight is Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, a nonprofit organization founded in 1910 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

More about Pine Rest:

Pine Rest is one of the largest free-standing behavioral health providers in the U.S., offering a full continuum of services including inpatient and partial hospitalization, psychiatric urgent care, residential and outpatient services, addiction treatment and recovery, extensive child and adolescent programs, senior care services, as well as specialized assessment and treatment clinics.

Pine Rest clinicians offer therapeutic services in behavioral health across the continuum of care within a Christian framework. Pine Rest has 21 outpatient locations plus teletherapy. The organization’s 220-acre campus is located at 300 68th Street SE in Grand Rapids [with other satellite campuses, including one in Traverse City].

The 1,750+ staff members include 90 psychiatrists and doctors, 51 resident/fellow physicians, 54 psychologists, 243 counselors and social workers, 13 physician assistants, 26 nurse practitioners, 206 registered nurses, 426 psychiatric technicians, plus 12 chaplains.


Depending on the severity of need, Pine Rest offers:

  • inpatient hospitalization
  • partial hospitalization (day programs)
  • psychiatric urgent care
  • outpatient
  • telehealth services
  • residential services for mental illness and addiction

Pine Rest’s additional services include:

  • community programs
  • management and consulting
  • educational programming
  • telepsychiatry



note: groups listed here have an online meeting option. A full list of groups, including those that meet in-person, can be found on Pine Rest’s website.


In 1910, a group of pastors and laity decided to create an organization that treated all aspects of a person’s well-being: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.

Initially formed by and for members of the Reformed Church in America and the Christian Reformed Church in America, Pine Rest today is a faith-based organization serving a multitude of individuals from many cultures and religions. Pine Rest offers quality services to people regardless of their race, color, creed or national origin.

We are tremendously grateful for the work done by Pine Rest and all of our Spotlight organizations.

All organizations featured in the Spotlight have been nominated by We Fight members who believe in their work and/or have benefited from it. What’s that organization for you? Complete this nomination form to see your favorite organization in the Spotlight.

Please join in celebrating and building awareness for Pine Rest. There are lots of ways — big and small — We Fight members can help, including the following:

We Fight members can nominate organizations/initiatives to spotlight using this form.

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