We Fight Spotlight: Jen and Drew Tursman

This week, the We Fight Spotlight shines on Jen and Drew Tursman, two healthcare heroes who work to support TCAPS youth as substitute teachers in their spare time. We’re grateful for all the work done by the Tursmans!

Hear more from them about why they chose to get involved as substitute teachers, and how it’s impacted them in return:

“We began substitute teaching with TCAPS schools in Winter of 2022, and we have worked in the classrooms at several elementary schools and East Middle School.

The reason we started substituting was because we wanted to support the teachers and students in our area. The pandemic has put a tremendous strain on our schools.

Substitute teaching has given us the opportunity to act as mentors to students, if even for a short time. We enjoy it because it feels like we are having a positive impact in our community.

We both work in healthcare and signed up to substitute teach on our days off. One thing that surprised us was how flexible the hours and days you want to work can be because an app alerts you to job openings. Often, the needs for a sub may vary from all day to just an hour or two.

Sometimes the world’s problems can seem overwhelming, but you just have to start somewhere. This felt like a good place for us to start!”

If you’d like to follow the Tursmans’ example and support students as a substitute teacher, you can visit TCAPS’ website, or reach out to your individual school if you’re outside the TCAPS network.

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