Meet the Good Works Lab Team: Public Policy, Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy is Good Works Lab’s Public Policy Specialist—including proven experience with building or rebuilding relationships and creating successful collaborations, as well as developing clear written policy on complex issues.

Caroline is a state/local government relations geek and tenacious advocacy professional. She spent 10 years working on both partisan and non-partisan staff for the Michigan State Senate where she honed her communications skills–explaining the most complex policy issues in relatable terms to vast and varied audiences.

Caroline lobbied at the State Capitol for several years on behalf of Michigan’s city and village government on a wide variety of issues, creating successful strategy through stakeholder analysis. She was known as a trusted liaison, natural collaborator and determined advocate.

Caroline also spent 14 years as an outreach specialist to city and village government in northern Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula, providing elected official education, facilitation, communications, and placemaking project support.

Her true passion is working on opportunities to improve the quality of life for Michigan communities and residents. Successful projects include reducing government facility energy costs, partnering to attain green infrastructure grants, implementing healthy living programs, creating public participation and
strategic plans; and collaborating with countless non-profit partners and local and state leaders to advance quality of life opportunities.

Caroline has experience advancing silent sports as an economic development strategy and serving on two boards addressing northwest Michigan’s housing crisis.

Optimist. Enthusiast. Devoted wife. Proud mom. Dog rescuer. A born and raised Yooper, Caroline keeps one foot on each side of the Mighty Mac because why settle for one Pure Michigan peninsula when we have two? What a great state to do Good Works!


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