Meet the Good Works Lab Team: Operations & Project Management, Christine Straley

Christine Straley is Good Work Lab’s operations and project manager. She is a passionate soul, driven for excellence in her work and life. She has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field as both a practitioner and administrator.

She is organized, loves to build out a good workflow, and can see a problem and find the solution. She has a niche for creating a company culture of balance, respect, trust, and vulnerability between team members and leadership.

She has also been told that she has a gift for helping people feel seen and heard which is a unique attribute both personally and professionally.

A native to Michigan (Alpena) she spent most of her post-high school years exploring Washington, California, and Colorado before heading back north. She is passionate about nutrition, soil health, quality air and water, and raising our kids in an environment that helps them thrive.

Her eclectic working background ranges from being a massage therapist, nutritionist, medical assistant, farmhand, and online business manager to most recently leading Table Health into becoming the first Direct Primary Care practice in northern Michigan.

“Working with Good Works Lab will help fulfill my mission of bringing big impact to our local community and continue to allow me to find work that stretches me so that I can continue to grow and live a life I find worthy of living.”


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