We Fight Spotlight: Kiersten’s Ride

Kiersten’s Ride is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization “dedicated to bringing help, hope, and healing through suicide prevention programs in Northern Lower Michigan. We are committed to raising awareness in our community so that future acts of suicide may be prevented. We are committed to educating the communities so that lives may be saved.”

From Lisa Clavier, founder of Kiersten’s Ride 501c3 – “We lost my daughter, Kiersten, to suicide at the young age of 17. This tragedy left me and my family devastated. In the year following her passing, we became aware of the vast number of lives that had been touched by a loss to suicide. As a result of our loss, we resolved to work to prevent others from having to experience a similar tragedy. We wanted to honor Kiersten’s memory, and we knew we had to do something to help others. Kiersten’s Ride was born of tragedy and loss, but it was also born of love and hope.”

Learn about their trainings: https://kierstensride.org/available-training/

Get their August ride on your calendar: https://kierstensride.org/annual-event/

Donate: https://kierstensride.org/donate/

Contact Lisa and her team: https://kierstensride.org/contact-us/

Follow and share their page: https://www.facebook.com/Kierstens-Ride-501c3-147323649214362

Join the Kiersten’s Ride Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/490245267772188

Please join me in celebrating and building awareness for Kiersten’s Ride. There are lots of ways – big and small – We Fight members can help:

  • Volunteer your time
  • Share this social post
  • Forward this newsletter to a friend
  • Write a review on Facebook for them
  • Make a donation
  • Tell a friend or neighbor about them
  • Write a supportive letter to the editor
  • Contact them and ask what they need

We Fight members can nominate organizations/initiatives to spotlight in our Slack.

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