A refocused We Fight

This morning, for the first time since our founding six months ago, a group of committed We Fight members came together to strategize We Fight’s future. With the notes from six months of conversations, responses from our impact survey, and comments from our sign-up form informing our discussion, we got to work for two lovely hours to help narrowContinue reading “A refocused We Fight”

All in for Traverse City neighbors

On these days when it all feels like too much, I try to focus on my values and the things I can help change – like the health and well-being of my community. Like housing, abundant housing for my neighbors – and future neighbors. In case you haven’t heard, there’s a neighbor-led ballot petition effort happening nowContinue reading “All in for Traverse City neighbors”

How can we better elevate our youth leaders?

Last Monday, I attended the Traverse Area Public School’s board meeting. I was blown away by the public comment given by four local youth leaders. They spoke courageously about gun violence, school safety, and mental health. I was very proud of them.  I hope We Fight can support, encourage, and help them — and other leadersContinue reading “How can we better elevate our youth leaders?”

More Traverse City Neighbors = A Better Traverse City

What if we designed a Traverse City that supported people in leading lives that are good for themselves and their neighbors? I believe that starts by building abundant homes in our neighborhoods. Homes for our teachers, nurses, firefighters and other workers. Homes for our seniors and young people. Homes for those of us experiencing homelessnessContinue reading “More Traverse City Neighbors = A Better Traverse City”

We Fight Celebrates Pride Month

June is Pride Month. I’ve learned a lot about the challenges our LGBTQ+ kids face from the JED Foundation. They recently wrote: “At JED, this means acknowledging the troubling data showing that the risk of suicide for LGBTQ+ youth is four times higher than it is for their non-LGBTQ+ peers; that risk is even greater inContinue reading “We Fight Celebrates Pride Month”

Traverse City housing delayed = Traverse City housing denied.

Every day that Traverse City housing projects and zoning reform are delayed – Traverse City’s housing shortage gets worse. Our teachers, nurses, firefighters, wait staff, grocery clerks, and people experiencing homelessness/housing insecurity can’t keep waiting for homes to be built. We need more homes now. How are more homes being delayed in Traverse City? HomeStretch still hasn’t acquired LotContinue reading “Traverse City housing delayed = Traverse City housing denied.”

Got four minutes for We Fight today?

It’s been a hard week, We Fight, but if you have 4 minutes today, we need you. As our network continues to evolve and adapt, we need your feedback. So far, 16 network members have taken this short but sweet and very important survey. But we need more responses — at least 50. We’re committed, butContinue reading “Got four minutes for We Fight today?”