Bringing physical literacy to Traverse City kids

As a physical therapist and son of a physical education teacher, I’ve always wanted to start a physical literacy program for kids. This summer, with support from my Good Works Lab teammates, Common Good Bakery and Superior Physical Therapy, I will do just that. And I couldn’t be more excited.  What’s physical literacy? “Physical literacyContinue reading “Bringing physical literacy to Traverse City kids”

A summit for our young leaders – and those who love them

On behalf of the entire We Fight network, I’m excited to announce that we will be launching our community summit series – “Elevate Northern Michigan: A Youth Mental Health Summit for Young Leaders – and Those Who Love Them” on Tuesday, August 9th. Elevate Northern Michigan is a quarterly summit series focused on boosting knowledge,Continue reading “A summit for our young leaders – and those who love them”

We Fight Spotlight: Wild + Wonder TC

For this week’s Spotlight, We Fight chatted with co-founder Gretchen Evenhouse of Wild + Wonder TC — a space for young people and their parents to come together, learn, and grow. Storytimes focus on emotional awareness, social justice, and building community. Founders Gretchen Evenhouse and Christine Straley are also members of We Fight! How would you describe WildContinue reading “We Fight Spotlight: Wild + Wonder TC”

We Fight Spotlight: Families Against Narcotics

For this week’s Spotlight, We Fight chatted with Families Against Narcotics – Grand Traverse, an awesome organization that helps individuals of all ages struggling with substance use disorders, and supports their families as well. FAN offers many opportunities to get connected with resources: learn more in the Spotlight! How would you describe your organization toContinue reading “We Fight Spotlight: Families Against Narcotics”