6 Surprising Things About 2022 From a Traverse City Housing Advocate Newbie

What was surprising to you? BECOME A LIVE TC LEAD WITH YIMBY ACTION I attended my first National YIMBY Action meeting last week and it was fantastic. Learned so much. If you’re interested in becoming a Lead for Live TC, please let me know. It’ll be well worth your time and $ (about 1hr/week +Continue reading “6 Surprising Things About 2022 From a Traverse City Housing Advocate Newbie”

Traverse City’s Pro-Housing Group, Live TC, Becomes Michigan’s First YIMBY Action Chapter

Awesome news! Live TC is officially a YIMBY Action chapter – Michigan’s first! If you genuinely care about your neighbors and a fair/inclusive Traverse City, we need you.  1. Become a Live TC Lead2. Become a YIMBY Action member3. Invite like-minded neighbors to join Live TC4. Encourage a pro-housing neighbor who is comfortable speaking up against business as usualContinue reading “Traverse City’s Pro-Housing Group, Live TC, Becomes Michigan’s First YIMBY Action Chapter”

On Traverse City, Aspen, and Optimism

Earlier this week, I attended an excellent housing panel at the Traverse City Film Festival. It included local leaders: Seth Johnson (NWMI United Way), Yarrow Brown (Housing North), and Scott Newman-Bale (Short’s/TCAPS) and filmmakers: David Siev (Bad Axe) and Abigail Disney (American Dream and other Fairy Tales). It was called “When Did Traverse City BecomeContinue reading “On Traverse City, Aspen, and Optimism”

Neighbors helping neighbors + Prop 3

This month, almost 700 petition signatures to repeal Prop 3 were dropped off at the Clerk’s office. This effort was powered by nearly 60 neighbors who rallied to circulate 90+ petitions on behalf of their neighbors – and future neighbors. Neighbors helping neighbors in support of abundant housing on Traverse City’s 8 square miles is beautiful; IContinue reading “Neighbors helping neighbors + Prop 3”

All in for Traverse City neighbors

On these days when it all feels like too much, I try to focus on my values and the things I can help change – like the health and well-being of my community. Like housing, abundant housing for my neighbors – and future neighbors. In case you haven’t heard, there’s a neighbor-led ballot petition effort happening nowContinue reading “All in for Traverse City neighbors”

More Traverse City Neighbors = A Better Traverse City

What if we designed a Traverse City that supported people in leading lives that are good for themselves and their neighbors? I believe that starts by building abundant homes in our neighborhoods. Homes for our teachers, nurses, firefighters and other workers. Homes for our seniors and young people. Homes for those of us experiencing homelessnessContinue reading “More Traverse City Neighbors = A Better Traverse City”

Live TC: Why Caroline Kennedy cares about housing in TC

At Live TC, we firmly believe that anyone who works in Traverse City should be able to afford to live in Traverse City. As a result, we’re chatting with our friends and neighbors to tell their stories, and share with you how our community is impacted by a lack of abundant and affordable housing. WeContinue reading “Live TC: Why Caroline Kennedy cares about housing in TC”

Traverse City housing delayed = Traverse City housing denied.

Every day that Traverse City housing projects and zoning reform are delayed – Traverse City’s housing shortage gets worse. Our teachers, nurses, firefighters, wait staff, grocery clerks, and people experiencing homelessness/housing insecurity can’t keep waiting for homes to be built. We need more homes now. How are more homes being delayed in Traverse City? How can you help? SendContinue reading “Traverse City housing delayed = Traverse City housing denied.”