How we talk about Traverse City housing

At this week’s Live TC meeting, we discussed how to reframe our pro-housing message. Framing is the choices we make on what to say, how to say it, and what to leave unsaid. These goals, guidelines, and recommendations were built using the FrameWorks Institute’s “Piecing It Together: A Communications Playbook for Housing Advocates” and“‘You Don’t HaveContinue reading “How we talk about Traverse City housing”

Live TC: Why Jimmy McKenna cares about housing in TC

At Live TC, we firmly believe that anyone who works in Traverse City should be able to afford to live in Traverse City. As a result, we’re chatting with our friends and neighbors to tell their stories, and share with you how our community is impacted by a lack of abundant and affordable housing. WeContinue reading “Live TC: Why Jimmy McKenna cares about housing in TC”

Traverse City’s #1 Priority?

On Monday, April 18th, our City Commissioners will be discussing and hopefully approving, their 2022 goals. At the top of this list is housing. Housing as our #1 priority needs to be celebrated. And then we need to get to work to deliver. I love these four points under “Resources Required” listed on the plan: • Removing barriersContinue reading “Traverse City’s #1 Priority?”

Should We Build Housing Here, Traverse City?

After watching the recent City Commission meeting on City-owned land and housing, we went to check out this piece of property across from the library that was discussed. It’s south of the tracks and north of the Department of Public Services on Woodmere. The City currently stores snow on it. But what if we built housing on it for people instead? It’sContinue reading “Should We Build Housing Here, Traverse City?”