Live TC + Prop 3

At Live TC, we believe that housing delayed is housing denied.

Prop 3, a 2016 city charter amendment that requires a city vote on the construction of any building taller than 60 feet, means more uncertainty and a longer timeline for approval of more homes for more neighbors.

What we voted on in 2016 isn’t what we got – Judge Power’s ruling last fall made that clear.

~200 homes – Hall and State Street projects – are currently being held up by lawsuits.

Our teachers, nurses, firefighters, and other workers can no longer wait for homes.

Prop 3 is hurting Traverse City.

We’ve put together some educational resources on the timeline and background of Prop 3.

If you think that we need to speed up the building of new homes, a citizen-led effort currently exists to repeal Prop 3.

Many Live TC members have gotten involved in collecting signatures, so contact one of them if you’d like to sign — it requires 700 signatures by June 30 to get this on the ballot for fall (if enough signatures are collected, it will go on the ballot this November – a repeal of the charter requires a simple majority).

Ty Schmidt
Good Works Lab founder

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