How can we better elevate our youth leaders?

Last Monday, I attended the Traverse Area Public School’s board meeting. I was blown away by the public comment given by four local youth leaders.

They spoke courageously about gun violence, school safety, and mental health. I was very proud of them.

 I hope We Fight can support, encourage, and help them — and other leaders like them — in whatever way they want or need.

Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General, lists “Elevating the voices of children, young people, and their families” as something community members should do to better protect their kids’ mental health.

How can we, as a citizen-led network, do a better job of this?

Next Monday, June 27th, We Fight’s leadership council will host an in-person strategic planning session at NMC’s Innovation Center from 10 AM – nsoon. 

We’ll brainstorm actions we can take to elevate youth voices better, and strategize We Fight’s goals, objectives, and focus areas for the rest of 2022. Everyone is welcome.

See you there?

Ty Schmidt
Good Works Lab founder

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