Traverse City’s #1 Priority?

On Monday, April 18th, our City Commissioners will be discussing and hopefully approving, their 2022 goals.

At the top of this list is housing. Housing as our #1 priority needs to be celebrated. And then we need to get to work to deliver.

I love these four points under “Resources Required” listed on the plan:

• Removing barriers to allow for incentivizing housing solutions.
• Continuing to identify and develop city-owned properties to create housing solutions.
• Building awareness of the benefits of density in order to be an environmentally sustainable city.
• Building awareness of income sensitivity in order to understand the issue of diverse housing.

These are clear, actionable steps we can take.

Our elected officials need our support because the lack of homes for those who work here — or want to work here — impacts us all.

What will you do this weekend to take the next step toward abundant housing on Traverse City’s eight square miles?


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