Join me for this youth mental health conversation?

Bringing Jeff Olson to Traverse City was everGROWTH Consulting owner/We Fight member Kathy Grinsteiner’s idea.

She grew up in the UP and knew the story of Daniel Olson, an all-state quarterback from Ishpeming, well.

With the help of Brenda McLellan from Traverse Connect, Kathy pitched Do It For Daniel to TCAPS leadership. They immediately said yes, and this Thursday at 5:30 pm, Jeff will present a free community screening of this important documentary to West Senior High.

After the documentary. a rockstar panel of local health professionals will join Jeff for a conversation on local youth mental health issues:

  • Ty Curtis – GTC Health Dept/TCAPS Health & Well-being Committee member
  • Dr. Stephanie Galdes – Kids Creek Children’s Clinic
  • Andrew Waite – Northern Lakes Community Mental Health
  • Diane Burden – TCAPS Social worker
  • Val Harpel – Munson Behavioral Health
  • Michelle Morrison – Central High School counselor

Alyson Kass, Shape Up North/TCAPS Health & Well-being Executive Council member, will facilitate this conversation for high school students, families, and community members.

Grab your free tickets on Eventbrite.

Don’t live in Traverse City? This event will also be live-streamed.

I hope to see you Thursday at West.


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