The 2022 Good Works Lab Annual Report

Our 2022 initiatives (more information and photos found in the annual report document):

  • We Fight For Northern Michigan Youth Mental Health – Will Unger, Joan Dorn, Ian McGurn, Breanna McGurn, Stephanie Slawnik, Jessie Williams, Lexi Webster, Ty Schmidt, Kathy Grinsteiner
    • Self-organizing community of 700+ ordinary people guided by the Surgeon General’s Youth Mental Health Advisory working to better protect our Northern Michigan kids’ mental health. 
  • Elevate Northern Michigan: Mental Health Summits For Young Leaders – and Those Who Love Them – Joan Dorn, Ian McGurn, Breanna McGurn, Stephanie Slawnik, Jessie Williams, Will Unger, Lexi Webster, Ty Schmidt, Kathy Grinsteiner
    • Quarterly summits at Northwestern Michigan College focused on boosting knowledge, shifting attitudes, decreasing stigma, and building support for youth mental health by learning about psychology/neuroscience, practical well-being tools, and leadership skills.
  • Live TC: Abundant Housing for Traverse City – Caroline Kennedy, Will Unger, Jessie Williams, Chelsea Bay Dennis, Ty Schmidt, Christine Straley, Rob Bacigalupi
    • Live TC is a YIMBY ACTION chapter (Michigan’s first!) and pro-housing citizen-led community of 200+ ordinary people advocating for abundant homes in Northern Michigan’s capital – Traverse City’s eight square miles.
  • TCAPS Health & Wellbeing Systems Change – Ty Schmidt
    • Improving the health and wellbeing of students and staff by creating, promoting, and sustaining policies and practices across the district. 
  • MoveCorps: Physical Literacy For Traverse City Kids – Ty Schmidt
    • Weekly summertime classes in parks for kids to learn fundamental movements (throwing/catching, jumping, kicking, striking, dodging, balance), make new friends, and have fun outside.
  • Social Science of Framing Fellowship with the FrameWorks Institute – Courtney Bierschbach, Kristen Talaga, Nick Perez, Ty Schmidt
    • What to say, how to say it and what to leave unsaid leveraging FrameWorks’ research to advance social impact in Northern Michigan.
  • Everyone A Changemaker Northern Michigan Project – Kelly Hirko, Jessie Williams, Ty Schmidt
    • A community of monthly workshops to provide ordinary people opportunities to boost knowledge, shift attitudes and build support for progressive social change in Northern Michigan.
  • Citizens For A Neighbor-First Traverse City – Caroline Kennedy, Ty Schmidt, Jessie Williams
    • Community of 150+ citizens, promoting citizen participation and influence — believing that decision-making should center on the residents of Traverse City’s needs, accounting for diverse backgrounds and lived experiences.
  • Benzie Area Youth Initiative Substance Use Prevention – Bill Palladino, Joan Dorn, Kelly Hirko, Jessie Williams
    • Facilitating a strategic planning process and analyzing The Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth (MiPHY) data and create graphics/infographics with Grow Benzie and the Benzie Area Youth Initiative
  • Collective Impact and Community Engagement Project with the Michigan Public Health Institute – Ty Schmidt
    • The Collective Impact and Community Engagement project explores the practices and ideas that make community engagement work authentic.
  • Always Possible: Stories of Possibility from Northern Michigan – Ty Schmidt
    • Weekly newsletter from the Good Works Lab.

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