First, Step Into The Arena. And Then…

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.” With today’s technology, has there been a better time for pro-social, problem-solving citizens? A better time for ordinary people to contribute and help improve lives in their community? – no permission required – no title required – no board training required – noContinue reading “First, Step Into The Arena. And Then…”

Get to Know Your Traverse City Commission Candidates

Good Works Lab’s Citizens for a Neighbor-First Traverse City invited all eleven candidates who applied for Ashlea’s City Commission seat to complete a similar survey that 152 residents took this summer. Three candidates accepted the invitation: Eight candidates declined/did not respond to the invitation: Read the three candidate responses here. UPDATE: According to this memoContinue reading “Get to Know Your Traverse City Commission Candidates”

Improving the Lives of Those Who Live in Traverse City

While I hate to admit it, you have to give it to MDOT’s Progressive AE for: 1) successfully lobbying our elected officials that a wider Parkway for more cars is best for the people of Traverse City* 2) creating more business for themselves by now getting a contract to widen the waterfront path for tourists and wealthyContinue reading “Improving the Lives of Those Who Live in Traverse City”