First, Step Into The Arena. And Then…

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.”

With today’s technology, has there been a better time for pro-social, problem-solving citizens?

A better time for ordinary people to contribute and help improve lives in their community?

– no permission required

– no title required

– no board training required

– no grant writing required

– no community needs assessments required

– no strategic planning required

Just Start

What’s required?


And a commitment to keep going and learn the skills of power citizenship as you go.

What are these powerful citizenship skills?

-how to communicate

– how to listen

– how to learn

– how to make decisions

– how to negotiate

– how to advocate

– how to lead

– how to frame issues

– how to navigate conflict

– how to persuade

– how to sell

Powerful Citizenship

I love helping grow the changemaking capacity of my neighbors who are working on:

– suicide prevention

– youth mental health

– school wellbeing

– housing abundance

– climate action

– neighborhood organizing

– mobility justice

Are you an ordinary person ready to contribute?

First, step into the arena.

And then start.

I’m happy to help.

PS. Curious about the technology I use as a citizen changemaker? Check out my tech stack (all have free versions) here.

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