What if we listened to our kids more?

I recently had the opportunity to listen to several youth leaders from Charlevoix, Antrim and Manistee counties.

They presented their fantastic project “Through Our Eyes: A Photovoice Project on the Stigma Around Youth Mental Health & Wellness” at the Behavioral Health Initiative Summit.

My favorite is the photo above by Elke, who captioned it:

“We are raised to conceal our feelings which leads to a society that is ashamed of seeking help. The hood represents the shame young people feel over their mental health and asking for assistance. I wanted to portray that we often put aside getting guidance until it is unbearable because of that shame. Youth are left feeling alone in their struggle for happiness and peace.”

What can we learn from our kids about the stigma around youth mental health?

How can we help our kids feel less ashamed?
How can we help our kids ask for help when they need it?
How can we help our kids feel less alone?

I believe it starts with listening to our kids.

It’s time.

Join the fight.


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