A refocused We Fight

This morning, for the first time since our founding six months ago, a group of committed We Fight members came together to strategize We Fight’s future.

With the notes from six months of conversationsresponses from our impact survey, and comments from our sign-up form informing our discussion, we got to work for two lovely hours to help narrow the focus of We Fight’s work.

What happened?

We reaffirmed the following:

We agreed on the following:

  • Our WHY (the people in We Fight do this work because we care about OUR kids — like, ALL of them)
  • Three focus areas for the next year:
    • elevating (youth voice)
    • educating (boosting knowledge and decreasing stigma)
    • connecting (people, organizations, and resources to amplify efforts, shift attitudes, build support and shift power)

And we set the foundation for our WHAT: the things that need to happen in order for We Fight’s desired impact (a northern Michigan where everyone plays a role in protecting our kids’ mental health) to be accomplished.

What’s next?

We’re going to add a few goals and actions to each focus area and we’d love your input on that. Stay tuned for more information soon. And, in the meantime, check out our notes from today’s visioning session.

Have an awesome week, We Fight.

Luv ya,


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