We Fight Leadership Spotlight: Ian McGurn, President-Elect

For this week’s Spotlight, We Fight chatted with one of our stellar We Fight leadership team members, our leadership president-elect Ian McGurn. In addition to his work on the leadership team, Ian is a driving force behind our upcoming Elevate Northern Michigan summit, and as a teacher at Central High School, Ian encourages his students to become mental health advocates. We’re immensely grateful for Ian’s work, and for his encouragement of others to get involved with We Fight.

All organizations and individuals featured in the Spotlight have been nominated by We Fight members who believe in their work and/or have benefited from it. What’s that organization for you? Complete this nomination form to see your favorite organization, or a person who’s doing great work, in the Spotlight.

How would you describe We Fight to a stranger?

I think we’re still working on that. We Fight is trying to be a network that connects young people and mental resources in our community. We are trying to eliminate the stigma surrounding youth mental health. WeFight is all of us trying to help however we can.

What are the primary goals of your work with We Fight?

To help make a better community for my kids to be a part of however I can.

How have you contributed to We Fight, and how has We Fight impacted you?

I’m trying to help bring an educational perspective and trying to create opportunities for youth to be involved in a meaningful way. We Fight is helping connect me to more like minded individuals in our community. It’s giving me a banner to fly over many of things I am already trying to do.

What are you most proud of about the work you do at We Fight?

I am proud of the fact that everyone I talk to about youth mental health agrees on its importance. I am proud that we are trying.

What’s a favorite memory or experience you’ve had in your involvement with We Fight?

In explaining We Fight to my students earlier this year, there is relief in just hearing an adult talk about trying to DO something.

How can folks get involved with We Fight?

They don’t have to DO a lot — read the surgeon general’s advisory. Read the We Fight newsletter. Be thinking about what skills and resources you have and how they can line up with someone’s else’s effort. Tell the youth in your life that you care and that you are there for them.

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