Meet the Good Works Team: Organizational Strategy, Lexi Webster

“Honestly, I’ve been (what I thought) was “rebelling” for as long as I can remember… always going against the grain and not confining to the limitations of narrow-mindedness. I’ve always loved pushing the limits because I quickly learned there is a lot of happiness outside those limits if you push in a positive direction, aligned with purpose.” -Alexis Webster.

Lexi Webster is a Michigan native, a recent Psychology graduate from Michigan State University, an artist, musician, organizational expert, and a humanitarian.

Starting her first job at age 15, Lexi brings eight years of professional experience, including, but not limited to, startups, entrepreneurship, consulting, marketing, and all things psychology.

Currently, Lexi resides in Traverse City, where she strives daily to grow closer to the community.

She believes knowledge is power and is working to create greater mental health awareness and suicide prevention efforts while simultaneously elevating youth voices.


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