Are We Working Hard Enough?

“Clues that you might not be trying hard enough: You usually succeed. You rarely feel like an imposter. You already know what you need to know. You’re confident it’s going to work.” ~ Seth Godin.

I love Seth. I read his blog every morning

September is Suicide Prevention month and as our kids go back to school, I wonder if we’re trying hard enough.

When it comes to concrete, causal, and collective solutions that build upstream systems to protect our kids’ mental health, do we already know what we need to know?

Are we confident our plan is going to work?

Or will we keep experimenting, testing, and learning as we go? 

recent nationwide survey of teens by the National Alliance on Mental Illness found that teens are comfortable talking about mental health, but they often don’t start the conversation.

Among teens who sought information about mental health:

– 95% trust their parents
– 80% trust their teachers and other adults at school
– 78% trust their friends

Does this surprise anyone here in northern Michigan?

To me, it’s hopeful.

But we’re going to have to try harder to:

– boost knowledge
– shift attitudes
– decrease stigma
– build support

for a northern Michigan where everyone – especially parents, teachers/school staff, and young people themselves – plays a role in protecting our kids’ mental health.

Are you ready to try harder with me?

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