On Reimaging Power, Improving Lives in Your Community & Social Entrepreneurship

What’s next will require imagination:

– Reimagining conventional wisdom
– Reimagining problem-solving
– Reimagining social scripts
– Reimagining risk
– Reimagining opportunity
– Reimaginging power

“True power to remake society rests with ordinary people, not politicians or courts,” Eric Liu.

Build, Share, Shift & Deploy Power

– Build power: Empower people. Change narratives. Develop technical expertise. Grow community.

– Share power: Be generous. Don’t hoard.

– Shift power: To those who need change the most.

– Deploy power: Advocacy. Elections. Relationships.

Because when it comes to improving lives in your community, business as usual is no longer good enough.

New Power > Old Power

Jeremy Heiman and Henry Timm’s New Power book opened my eyes to power structures and social entrepreneurship.

Old power:

– works like a currency
– held by a few
– closed, inaccessible, leader-driven
– once gained, hoarded and jealously guarded

New power:

– works like a current
– made by many
– open, participatory, peer-driven
– most forceful when it surges

Today, most resonant ideas are fueled by new power.

“You are more powerful than you think.”

Let’s get to work, ordinary people.

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