Self-Compassion, Social Intelligence + Lifesavers in Support of Youth Mental Health in Northern Michigan

Earlier this month, We Fight, a self-organizing network of people who care, hosted Elevate Northern Michigan #2: A Mental Health Summit Series for Young Leaders — and Those Who Love Them.

Elevate Northern Michigan aims to boost knowledge, shift attitudes, decrease stigma and build support for a Northern Michigan where everyone plays a role in protecting our young people’s mental health.

Huge thank you to:

– Dr. Michael Kern: “Self-Compassion Through Self-Awareness: Moving Past Excuses to Find the Reasons and Help Yourself”

– Megan Mertaugh-Graber: “How Chickens, Llamas, and the Natural World Can Enhance Social Intelligence”

– Jessie Perez: “Finding Your Lifesavers: Building Your Mental Health Toolkit”

– Nick Nissley for sharing his mental health challenges while growing up

– Northwestern Michigan College for donating space at the Innovation Space

You can view their presentations HERE

When in Doubt; Learn

Learning about psychology, neuroscience, practical well-being tools, and leadership skills together with young leaders from six area schools — and those who love them — gave me hope.

Hope that we can do better.

Hope that when we know the science, there will be no stigma. No shame. And no guilt.

Are you a member of We Fight yet?

If not, you should be. Join us HERE and let’s build on this hope, together.

Elevate Northern Michigan #3 Registration Now Open

There is no cost to attend Elevate Northern Michigan thanks to the United Way of Northwest Michigan and Northwestern Michigan College.

Register for Elevate Northern Michigan #3 on February 7th at NMC.

The kids need you.
We need you.
I need you.

We’re counting on you.

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