Sharing Power with Ordinary People For Safer Kids, Safer Schools in Northern Michigan

“Ordinary people are capable of wonderful things.”

I admire ordinary people like my friend Jay Berger.

Jay raised his hand in June after Uvalde to help keep our kids safe at school here in Traverse City.

Jay took responsibility.

Instead of saying, “That’s not my problem,” Jay asked, “How can I help?”


Six months later, Jay is still at it — still fighting for safer kids, safer schools as co-chair of a new community task force.

Last week he presented a free community workshop on reframing school safety, and I couldn’t have been more proud.

Jay is:

1. Clear-eyed about what he’s up against.

2. Taking a stand for concrete, causal, collective solutions.

3. Persuading other ordinary people to join his caravan to create positive community change.


“Unless you’re talking of power, you’re not really talking about the problem.”

Jay may not say that he has power, but he does.

And I love that he’s sharing it with other ordinary people to help solve a complex social problem like gun violence in our schools.

Will you join Jay’s changemaker caravan?

Whether you have kids/grandkids in school or not, we need you.

We all have a role to play.

And we all have more power to create change than we think.

Be like Jay.

Let’s get to work, ordinary people.

Check out Jay’s presentation from last week HERE and get involved with the Safer Kids, Safer Schools community task force HERE.

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