Paula Colombo to Speak at Elevate Northern Michigan Mental Health Summit #4

Dr. Paula Colombo, MD, is a compassionate and experienced psychiatrist with over 20 years of practice in Traverse City.

She earned her medical degree from the University of Michigan in 1995 and is affiliated with Munson Medical Center and Northern Lakes Community Mental Health, where she provides outstanding mental health care to her patients.

Paula’s positive attitude and dedication to her patients make her a valuable member of the community.

In addition to her professional work, Paula is also a dedicated mom who enjoys open water swimming, hiking, and biking here in Northern Michigan.

Elevate Northern Michigan is a quarterly summit series focused on boosting knowledge, shifting attitudes, decreasing stigma, and building support for youth mental health by learning about:

  1. evidence-based behavioral health science
  2. practical well-being tools
  3. leadership skills

Reservation for this mental health summit is free but required as space is limited.

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