Meet the Good Works Lab Team: Ian McGurn – Educator

Ian is a dedicated educator, husband, and father. He was born and raised in Traverse City and is excited to be a part of any effort that helps position his community in a way that can better serve his students and their families. 

Over the last 15 years, he has had the honor of teaching in both Massachusetts and here in northern Michigan, and at almost every grade level, K-12. Ian is currently a proud member of the Traverse City Central High School staff and leadership team.

He has been working to develop and grow elective course offerings at the high school level with an emphasis on skill development and career focus. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physiology and a master’s in secondary science education.

As an educator, Ian is particularly interested in the cognitive development of young minds and leveraging current neuroscience research to hone practices in the classroom. He has some big thoughts about the future of Health Science education, student engagement, and systems change.

It is hard to separate the thoughts and efforts of a teacher from the interests of a father. It is that constant overlap that drew Ian and his family to become involved with community youth mental health and the Good Works Lab.

Together, they believe that while strong communities benefit from strong education, education is only one part of a very complicated puzzle.

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