Northern Michigan Youth Mental Health: Know Science = No Stigma

46 years old and I’ve said the words “anxiety”, “depression” and “suicide” more this past year than all of my other years combined.

As a physical therapist, I get physical health, but the behavioral and mental health world is brand new to me.

Learning is a systems change strategy.

I have so much to learn. And that’s what I’ve spent this past year doing with the Good Works Lab — learning.

Know science = no stigma.

By boosting community knowledge regarding neuroscience, psychology and best practice research, we can shift attitudes, decrease stigma and build support for a Northern Michigan where everyone plays a role in protecting our kids’ mental health.

How can you learn more about the science of mental health in 2023?

– Commit: Get trained in ASIST, safeTALK, QPR, or Mental Health First Aid. Email me if you’re interested.

– Sign up: Attend Elevate Northern Michigan #3 on February 7th at Northwestern Michigan College.

– Read: Go to the library and ask the librarian what’s good. They’re smart. Check out this beauty of a newsletter by one of my favorite librarians, Ms. VanderZee, at Traverse City Central High School.

– Connect: Join We Fight and learn by plugging into this self-organizing community.

– Act: Learning as you go while taking action is a great way to learn. Pick something from the Surgeon General’s Youth Mental Health Advisory and start today.

Here’s to a 2023 full of learning, together.

We’re counting on you.

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