Corey Hansen to Speak at Elevate Northern Michigan Mental Health Summit #4

“We need one another…we need everything else too.”

Exploring the neural biological imperatives that connect us to everything.

As a naturalist, outdoor educator, and permaculture practitioner, Corey understands that it is the strength of our relationships that makes us who we are and shapes the stories we tell.

Corey is the Lead Wilderness Guide and Program Director for True North Counseling’s adventure-based therapy programs, where he designs transformative nature-based experiences for people of all ages.

Corey lives on a solar-powered Permaculture Homestead in Kingsley where he plants trees, sometimes sings, dances when people are looking and not looking, laughs alone and with others, and seeks the good work of helping people heal and helping people heal the earth…

Elevate Northern Michigan is a quarterly summit series focused on boosting knowledge, shifting attitudes, decreasing stigma, and building support for youth mental health by learning about:

  1. psychology/neuroscience
  2. practical well-being tools
  3. leadership skills

Reservation for this mental health summit is free but required as space is limited.

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