Practicing Courage for Climate Action in Traverse City

“If you want to play it safe, you shouldn’t be in the business of change.”

And not ‘playing it safe’ requires courage.

The problem is being courageous can be scary. We can:

  • lose our jobs
  • be ridiculed and dismissed
  • suffer backlash and attacks by critics

“Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the ability to look fear in the face and continue to walk forward. All of us have something that frightens us, whether or not we admit it, and there are as many forms of courage as there are of fear. Only by nurturing our courage will we prevent our fears from making and then keeping us small.” ~ Jacqueline Novogratz

What is the best way to become courageous? Practice being courageous.

You can practice in small ways by:

  • Asking hard questions out of inquiry — not certainty
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Saying something when noticing unfair/unjust power structures
  • Standing up for yourself and your values
  • Stepping into uncertainty and discomfort
  • Doing something that makes you nervous
  • Sticking your neck out for others

Practicing in small ways will help prepare you to be courageous for the big things.


The Inflation Reduction Act is a massive climate game-changer.

Is Northern Michigan ready to seize this moment?

We know the solutions. We now need the courage to act.

If you care about Traverse City’s future, here’s an opportunity to practice your courage locally.

Traverse City’s City Commission has recently voted on several things affecting Climate:

What will you have the courage to speak up and stand for?

Courage and steely toughness are required to take risks and disrupt the status quo on behalf of your community.

The cost of not daring, of not trying, is too much. Especially now.

Be bold. Take chances — this starts with courage.

Get practicing.

We’re counting on you.

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