We Fight Spotlight: GT Area Children’s Garden

For this week’s Spotlight, We Fight chatted with Sarah Kuschell, Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Area (GTA) Children’s Garden! We Fight is thankful for the work that the GTA Children’s Garden does every day to get young people of all abilities involved with producing and appreciating their own healthy food, while building community. WeContinue reading “We Fight Spotlight: GT Area Children’s Garden”

A special night for youth mental health

We had a fantastic Polenta Night at Trattoria Stella last night. Thank you to Chef Myles, the amazing staff of Trattoria Stella, and to all those who helped us fill such a beautiful space in support of youth mental health in Traverse City. We are so grateful to everyone for their support of We Fight, andContinue reading “A special night for youth mental health”

We Fight Spotlight: Jen and Drew Tursman

This week, the We Fight Spotlight shines on Jen and Drew Tursman, two healthcare heroes who work to support TCAPS youth as substitute teachers in their spare time. We’re grateful for all the work done by the Tursmans! Hear more from them about why they chose to get involved as substitute teachers, and how it’sContinue reading “We Fight Spotlight: Jen and Drew Tursman”

Live TC: Why Jimmy McKenna cares about housing in TC

At Live TC, we firmly believe that anyone who works in Traverse City should be able to afford to live in Traverse City. As a result, we’re chatting with our friends and neighbors to tell their stories, and share with you how our community is impacted by a lack of abundant and affordable housing. WeContinue reading “Live TC: Why Jimmy McKenna cares about housing in TC”

A We Fight resolution to do better

After our Youth Team Chair, Will Unger, presented at Traverse City’s Human Rights Commission last month, I asked if they’d consider a resolution making May “Youth Mental Health Awareness Month.”  The Human Rights Commission discussed and approved this resolution on Monday. If your community and/or school district would like to support something similar, here’s language you canContinue reading “A We Fight resolution to do better”