Learning skills to better protect Traverse City kids

Last December, a small group of people came together to form We Fight – a self-organizing, citizen-led network guided by the Surgeon General’s recent youth mental health advisory. We Fight is focused on three things: In collaboration with local experts, We Fight’s new Elevate Northern Michigan Summit seriesis an urgent, optimistic, and science-based step toward We Fight’s vision – a northernContinue reading “Learning skills to better protect Traverse City kids”

A summit for our young leaders – and those who love them

On behalf of the entire We Fight network, I’m excited to announce that we will be launching our community summit series – “Elevate Northern Michigan: A Youth Mental Health Summit for Young Leaders – and Those Who Love Them” on Tuesday, August 9th. Elevate Northern Michigan is a quarterly summit series focused on boosting knowledge,Continue reading “A summit for our young leaders – and those who love them”

We Fight Leadership Spotlight: Ian McGurn, President-Elect

For this week’s Spotlight, We Fight chatted with one of our stellar We Fight leadership team members, our leadership president-elect Ian McGurn. In addition to his work on the leadership team, Ian is a driving force behind our upcoming Elevate Northern Michigan summit, and as a teacher at Central High School, Ian encourages his studentsContinue reading “We Fight Leadership Spotlight: Ian McGurn, President-Elect”

Your chance to advocate for healthy and healing schools

Over the past two years, we’ve seen how decisions in education shape the lives of our young people and their families. We’ve seen that the community provided by a school can be a mechanism of support for students struggling with their mental health. That’s why we believe in the Michigan Education Justice Coalition‘s goal of “healthyContinue reading “Your chance to advocate for healthy and healing schools”

We Fight Leadership Spotlight: Stephanie Rorich Slawnik, Social Chair

For this week’s Spotlight, We Fight chatted with a driving force behind all we do here — We Fight leadership team member and Social Chair, Stephanie Rorich Slawnik. Stephanie, a founding member of We Fight, runs our weekly Saturday social meet-ups, and spearheads all of the events that make We Fight a community. We’re immenselyContinue reading “We Fight Leadership Spotlight: Stephanie Rorich Slawnik, Social Chair”

We Fight’s what and how – feedback needed

After last week’s visioning session, we affirmed who We Fight is and agreed on our why. We also set three focus areas for 2022-23.  Below are draft 2-3 goals for each focus area and a theory of change model for our self-organizing network – our what and how We need your feedback. Are we on theContinue reading “We Fight’s what and how – feedback needed”

A refocused We Fight

This morning, for the first time since our founding six months ago, a group of committed We Fight members came together to strategize We Fight’s future. With the notes from six months of conversations, responses from our impact survey, and comments from our sign-up form informing our discussion, we got to work for two lovely hours to help narrowContinue reading “A refocused We Fight”

We Fight Spotlight: Families Against Narcotics

For this week’s Spotlight, We Fight chatted with Families Against Narcotics – Grand Traverse, an awesome organization that helps individuals of all ages struggling with substance use disorders, and supports their families as well. FAN offers many opportunities to get connected with resources: learn more in the Spotlight! How would you describe your organization toContinue reading “We Fight Spotlight: Families Against Narcotics”

How can we better elevate our youth leaders?

Last Monday, I attended the Traverse Area Public School’s board meeting. I was blown away by the public comment given by four local youth leaders. They spoke courageously about gun violence, school safety, and mental health. I was very proud of them.  I hope We Fight can support, encourage, and help them — and other leadersContinue reading “How can we better elevate our youth leaders?”

We Fight Spotlight: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan hosts mentorship programs for Traverse City area youth from all backgrounds and life experiences. BBBS creates a supportive environment for young people to flourish — matched with a Big, young people get a positive influence and the opportunity to explore new interests together! We Fight chatted with CeciliaContinue reading “We Fight Spotlight: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan”